Dragon Lords

The City of Nahy

Rinnelanir in a tent outside of the town. Lunastia has something to do with the portals bringing dark things to this plane.

The Road to Nahy


The Beginning
The Cave

The night was cool and lit dimly by a sliver of a moon, the moon was nearing the end of its cycle. A new bard was attempting to play a soft song on a harp at the inn, The Flying Bear. You heard the music due to staying at/near this inn on the south side of the city. Screams bellowed from the north side of the city. First, there was a couple, then a few. You thought they could possibly be from an out of control tussle, but it’s not something that you thought to worry about, it was late. Then, the screams rose in number and ferocity and horror welled up inside of you. You went to the street, and looked north. Dwarves, some carried, some crawling, and the rest scrambling as fast as they could, swarmed the streets. A horde of orcs mowed down the citizens in the streets with their gnarled weapons. City guards cried war cries and attacked the orcs, some were cursing the orcs for their assassination of the dwarven noble family that ruled this city. After the cursing commanders of the city guard were slaughtered, the lieutenants that remained called for retreat. The exits to the East and West were closed and people were jumping from the barricades to escape the city. There was an exit, through a cavern, further south that was typically known as an unsafe passage out of the city; however, for you, it was the safest route due to the band of orcs ransacking the city. And now your escape begins…

Welcome Adventurers

Welcome to Dragon Lords!

Please, feel free to use this area to reminisce and recall previous games. I do not generally record the sessions, but I may put in simple logs as the game progresses.


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